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Gigiotto"Gigiotto" has always been synonymous with excellent food in the town of Guald
Tadino and all around Italy.

The history of "Gigiotto"  started in the 1891 thanks to Luigi Angeli.
He began the business by opening a tavern where was possible to taste warm
food included: beef entrails, scrambled eggs with entrails,
bean with pigskin (all tipical umbrian food).

During Antonio Angeli ownership, the taverna turned in restaurant.

At the beginning of the second world war, Luigi (antonio's son) and Angelo
(Luigi's son), added to the restaurant an hotel business;
aftre this, the name of "Gigiotto" appeared in all the great leaders of the

During the fifties, Angelo continued his history as great chef, and he was
famous about his talent at the stoves.

In the seventies and eighties, Angelo developed a close and strong friendship
with Luigi Veronelli (one of the best italian cook).
Veronelli was very pleased by Angelo cuisine, that veronelli himself talked
about "Gigiotto" in his restaurant guide as one of the best restaurant in Italy
extolling its kitchen and wine selection.

Veronelli's first comment in his guide about angelo cuisine was: "I've never
seen a cook like him, I suggest to taste everything!"
The name of "Gigiotto" remained in that guide 'till the end of nineties.
Angelo left the ownership to his children: Antonio and Concetta.
They continued the family tradition untill the year 2001, when, after a big
eathquake, they turned off the business.

Today, after the renovation, "Gigiotto" reopened with the name of "GG8"; with
the ownership of Giordano and Gabriele,
Angelo grandsons!